Panoramic Night tour
in 1 hour and 43 minutes
8 available
80 EUR

Grand City Tour

Take a trip of Rome by segway and watch the city in its supreme self. Rome is considered a global city. No wonder, today it is counted among the most visited cities in the world. The capital city of Italy is not just a witness of the past. It has evolved over the ages and is popular for its role in modern performing arts. Be a Roman when in Rome. Take a bite of authentic Roman cuisine when you stop after travelling on your Segway Personal Transporter.

Observe what the city has to offer and bask in the glory of a grand Roman enlightenment. Let Rome segway tour beckon you with open arms as your guide explains the story behind each structure.

Panoramic Night Tour

Rome in the evening is nothing less than divinity. Your segway tour guide will direct your attention to a different facet of the old city. 3 hours of Rome by segway will be over even before you realize it. Such is the attraction of the two and a half thousand year old city.

As the sun sets behind the baroque buildings, Rome adapts a new look. The evening lights cast a bewitching cloak over the charismatic city. Experience segway tours in Rome in the charm of evening. It is not going to disappoint you.

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Experience the old world charm of Rome in a segway transporter. Whether you are one or many, your segway rental Rome experience is bound to elate your heart. Friends, family or colleagues enjoy a segway ride with everyone.

If you want to see Rome in relaxed and fun-filled state, board a Segway Personal Transporter. Your ride on the cobbled streets of Rome will give you the opportunity to watch this old city unfurl before your very eyes. You may be out for sightseeing or want to stop at a local hangout – a segway tour is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of Rome.

Meander through the city corner and meet the witnesses of history upfront. Acquaint yourself with the historical architecture, landmark and Roman culture while participating in Rome segway tour.  You will be surprised at how the ancient city conjures a magic with youthful exuberance.