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I’ve been in love with this city since the time I took my first breath. As we, the inhabitants of Rome say, I was christened by the TIber River.


And that’s one of the reasons why my friends and me decided to organize unusual and amusing tours of the city. The goal was simple: Young and enthusiastic guides, amusing means of transport and unusual and authentic commentary on the city.


And then everything went really quickly. We prepared three basic tours, established a team consisting of our friends and started to cruise the city on Segways. We expanded our fleet to 10 Segways and served customers from all over the world every day. Among our corporate customers have been, for example, Volvo, Coca Cola,  Kodak, Heineken, Deutsche bank.


At the end of 2017 we added a short 90 minutes tour around Roman baroque heritage.  We could see that our customers enjoyed the bigger offer. Therefore, we expanded our portfolio with a city game called The Treasure Hunt.


In the very difficult times the Italian state has helped us. here is the list of helps:

1) Beneficiario: PPROR DI ENDRST JAROSLAV – C.fiscale: NDRJSL81D07Z156W Ente: Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali-Direzione generale turismo – Importo: € 12.425 (di cui arrivati € 6.784,31) – Causale: Rimedio a un grave turbamento dell’economia – Data: 10/12/2020
2) Beneficiario: PPROR DI ENDRST JAROSLAV – C.fiscale: NDRJSL81D07Z156W Ente: Banca del Mezzogiorno MedioCredito Centrale S.p.A. – Importo: € 22.000 – Causale; Rimedio a un grave turbamento dell’economia Data: 10/07/2020
3) Beneficiario: PPROR DI ENDRST JAROSLAV – C.fiscale: NDRJSL81D07Z156W Ente: Artigiancassa – Istituto di credito – Importo: €10.000 – Importo Aiuto: € 1.345,19 – Obiettivo: PMI Data 16/06/2020
4) Beneficiario: PPROR DI ENDRST JAROSLAV – C.fiscale: NDRJSL81D07Z156W Ente: Agenzia delle Entrate – Importo €2.309 (aprile 2020) – Descrizione: Decreto Rilancio
5) Beneficiario: PPROR DI ENDRST JAROSLAV – C.fiscale: NDRJSL81D07Z156W Ente: Agenzia delle Entrate – Importo € 3.355 (novembre/dic 2020) – Descrizione: Decreto Centro Storico
6) Beneficiario: PPROR DI ENDRST JAROSLAV – C.fiscale: NDRJSL81D07Z156W Ente: Agenzia delle Entrate – Importo € 4.491 (maggio 2021) – Descrizione: Decreto Sostegni

And saving the best for last, the most valuable asset of ours is our team: Young and enthusiastic guides who love their town and their job and who make a great team.

Do you want to meet them? Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce our SEGWAY EXPERIENCE team to you.