Segway tour guide Victoria


I was born in Budapest, I moved to Rome for studies and decided to stay. I still remember my first years in Rome when I saw the city as a tourist. So I know perfectly what information are seeking people coming to Rome for the first time. I am happy to transmit this information during the tour so you can love the city as much as I do.

Leonardo, the guide of Segway Fun Rome


Hello, my name is Leonardo, I was born and I grew up in Rome. My passion is music and the history of architecture. I study archeology here in Rome. I know every stone in Rome and I will be happy to share my passion with you!

Jose, the guide of Segway Fun Rome


Hello! I am Jose, i am originally from Mexico but I have been here so many years that Rome is my home. My greatest passion is the fine art, 16th and 17th century painting in particularly. The other passion is a night life. So if you need some information about roman art or roman night life, I am your man!

Jose, the guide of Segway Fun Rome


Growing up in Prague, I developed a natural sense of hospitality. It’s my fascination with history that kept me in Rome, where I’ve fallen in love with culture, history and lifestyle. With each tour, my goal is to combine the beauty of Rome’s past with the fun of the city of today. This gives travelers an incredibly unique perspective of Rome that they will never forget!

Portrait of Jerry, the guide of Segway Fun Rome


Hello everyone! Since my student days, I have worked as a tour guide in several travel agencies. Working in the tourism sector is the best job and I am happy for this job.

Edy, tour guide of Segway Fun Rome


Hi, my name is Edy. I am originally from Egypt. I have lived and studied in Rome since 2012 and Rome became my home. Working in the tourism sector is a good combination of meeting new people from all over the world and earning money at the same time. I will be happy to meet you on one of my visits!

Ali, the tourguide of Segway Fun Rome


Hi, my name is Ali. I came to Rome to study classical singing. Now graduated, I like to sing Persian songs. But I love Italian songs too! I sing in concert halls, at home or during the tours. So if we meet on the tour, I’ll sing for you!