• August 6, 2019

Best food in Rome

Best food in Rome

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Italian cuisine is famous in the whole world for its richness and variety. From the north to the south of the peninsula you will be able to taste the refined delicacies of the northern cuisine to the the delicious popular dishes of Campania and Sicily!

Within all the other Italian geographical gastronomies, the roman one definitely has a very high spot on the Olympus of the world best palates. Within the most famous dishes, we’ll be able to find first courses, second courses, and desserts loved in the whole globe.

This wants to be a little guide for you to understand better the roman cuisine and, therefore, to get the most out of it!

In Rome, pasta is special, so special that we locals go so nuts for it that there is a system to prepare it: from the simplest to the most complex.

The simplest pasta dish you’ll find around is the “Cacio e pepe”. It contains nothing else than pasta, cheese and pepper. If you add “guanciale” to this pasta (the cheek of the pork) there you’ll have a “Gricia” and, in the end, if you add eggs to the “Gricia” you will be admiring the fantastic “Pasta alla Carbonara”!

As we said before, you will not find only pasta on the roman tables. In here you’ll be able to taste “Carciofi alla giudia”, a specialty of the Jewish ghetto in Rome that consist of fried artichokes with a soft citrus fragrance donated by the lemon added during the preparation of it. For the most adventurous and bravest there is the most feared and loved roman dish of the fifth fourth variety, the “Trippa alla romana”. The tripe is slowly cooked in a tomato and garlic sauce to give it the softest texture that makes it so delicious. Last but not least, for our carnivore friends we have prepared the “Saltimbocca alla romana”! It is prepared by slicing the veal very thinly to then incorporate it with cheese, ham and, sage. All to be cooked in white wine… yum!

If you want to try the best pasta in Rome, you should go to the best chef. Luciano is the Man! Michelin star Chef is famous for it’s reinvented Pasta alla Carbonara. Let’s try our food tour combined by 3 hour segway tour with lunch by Luciano!


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