Detail of a coffee machine in a bar of Rome with a paper cup
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Coffee in Rome

What do you think are the most significant symbols of Italy? Cousine, history and sports, correct:)? Italy is full of history. In the capital of Italy, Rome, You will see…

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Little boy wearing a mask shows no to the Coronavirus
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COVID-19 in Rome, Coronavirus travel news

This blog brings you current information about travel situation to Rome caused by Covid-19 epidemy. We bring you quick update on the situation in Rome week by week , so…

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Family with two kids on the segway tour in Rome
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Segway for kids

How not to make a visit to a city boring for your kids? We guess they don’t fancy the museums at all, right:)! They may love Rome as a foreign…

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A kid with a helmet with his parents on the segway tour
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Let me tell you what to do in Rome with your kids Museums, ruins, monuments, churches…. bleagh. Do you think that your kids would get bored if they came with…

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Michelin lunch after the segway tour in Rome
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Best food in Rome

Italian cusine To enjoy the best food in Rome, don`t spoil the pizza by other stuff. A simple Margherita is the best choice. Italian cuisine is famous in the whole…

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A group of friends on segways at Piazza Venezia are waving to the camera during their segway Grand City tour of Rome
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Is Segway Tour in Rome Cheap?

What do you like to invest your money in? Do you enjoy buying something nice to wear or do you prefer spending on experiences? If the latter is true for…

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Turtle fountain in Rome
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Turtle Fountain

Let us take you on Segways to another hidden gem of the city. They call this beautiful fountain Fontana Delle Tartarughe. It takes its place in district Sant’ Angelo. To…

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Teatro Marcello nearby the jewish district of Rome
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Theatre of Marcellus

Theatre of Marcellus was one of the ancient theatres in Rome. It finds its place between the Tiber and the Capitol hill on the left side of the river. This…

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Couple exploring life of St. Ignacius on the ceiling of St. Ignatius of Loyola in Rome
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St. Ignatius of Loyola

They say there are more than 900 churches in Rome. When walking down the city centre it feels like every third or fourth building was a church. Romans say that…

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Traian column in Roman Forums in Rome with St. Peter in bronze on the top
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Trajan’s Column

This triumphal column takes it places in Trajan’s Forum. The story on the column celebrates Trajan’s victory in the Dacians War. This masterpiece was finished in 113 AD. Sometimes people…

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Campidoglio in Rome with statue of Marcus Aurelius. Behind Musei Capitolini
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Campidoglio is also called the Capitol hill. According to the legends, it is one of the seven hills on which they established Ancient Rome. There are more roads which can…

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Vittoriano, museum of Risorgimento and thumb of unknown soldier situated at piazza Venezia in Rome
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Vittoriano – Victor Emmanuel II Monument

Vittoriano is the monument of Victor Emmanuel II. He was the first king of unified Italy. It raises from the foot of the Capitol hill, facing Piazza Venezia. Due to…

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View of piazza Venezia from the monnument of Vittiorio Emmanuele
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Piazza Venezia

The Piazza Venezia square is geographically in the centre of Rome. It takes its name after Palazzo Venezia, one of the first Rennaissance palaces in Rome. It looks like the…

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A horse carriage in via Condotti in Rome
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Via dei Condotti

This is one of the most famous streets in Rome. It connects Via del Corso wit Piazza di Spagna, where you can find the famous Spanish Steps. Did you know…

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