• March 31, 2020

Coffee in Rome

Coffee in Rome

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What do you think are the most significant symbols of Italy? Cousine, history and sports, correct:)? Italy is full of history. In the capital of Italy, Rome, You will see it at every corner. Then we mentioned sports. Italians are obsessed with football. When there is an important football match on TV, be sure, the streets will be empty:)! Last but not least is the Italian cousin. It is not only pizza and pasta which might be the most favourite meals in the world. It is also Italian coffee in Rome! They don’t fancy the big Starbuck’s cups. They mostly enjoy the little shots called espresso. Or they also call it here “un caffè”.

Italian Coffee

Different kinds of Coffee on a blackboard in rome

You can get a variety of coffee in Rome. But there are two main ones. Cappuccino in the morning and espresso for the rest of the day

The famous Italian cheese made from quality milk. You can find wine from amazing vineyards in Italy. But there are no coffee plants. It is simply not possible to grow coffee in Italy because of its geographical location. Coffee simply needs to grow in the subtropical and tropical parts of the world. You can find the ideal conditions for growth in Africa, Central and South America, India, China, Australia and Indonesia. But still Italian coffee is a worldwide used expression, right? To understand it better let’s go back to the 18th century. Charles VI established a port in Trieste, a city in northern Italy. Due to its strategic location, ships from countries where coffee is grown were bringing it here. They distributed from here all the bags with green still unroasted beans of coffee to a whole of Europe. The city soon became known as the Italian capital of coffee.

Coffee at a bar

Detail of a coffee machine in a bar of Rome with a paper cup

In Rome, you can get a coffee at the bar. If you ask for a coffee to go, you will get it in a paper or plastic cup.

Have you already noticed that all Italians have their espresso at a bar? They stand there, talk to the bartender or to other clients. they just order it, finish it within 5 minutes and leave the bar. There are more reasons for this. The first one is because of the price of course. When you have your coffee at a bar and you don’t sit down in the caffè, you always pay less. The price at the for an espresso is around 1 euro. When you sit down you will be always charged two r three times more. It is the same as the prices for all the beverages or snacks. Always check the price list when you get to the bar. You will see there “al banco”, which means at a bar, and “al tavolo”, which is the price fr sitting down and taking your place in the caffè.

Five cups daily

Another reason is also the frequency of drinking coffee in Rome. Italians have nor one nor two cups in a day. They heave 5 cups of espresso or more daily:)! That might be another reason, why they don’t spend that long time in the caffès. In the morning everyone starts the day with cappuccino and cornetto. Cornetto is an Italian word for a croissant. Then they have an espresso after lunch and dinner. And they also like to have another one with a snack before lunch and one in the afternoon. It is a good way to sneak out from your office and take a break for 5 minutes, right:)?. Having a cup of coffee in Rome became a ritual for all the citizens here:)!

Coffee everywhere

Grains of coffee in a bag

For the classic Coffee in Rome is used Caffè Arabica from Etiopia

No matter where you get your coffee in Rome it is always delicious. You can try it in a fancy restaurant or a hidden corner bar. You can have your coffee at the airport or a gas station. The taste of your espresso will be always full and creamy. It is probably because the bartenders prepare daily thousands of cups of coffee in Rome. The coffee machine never cools down and the coffee coming from it is always super powerful. You should try it by yourself. We will show you different kinds of places on our Segway Grand City Tour. Have a cup of espresso there and you will see that we are right:)!