• June 14, 2018



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Let us take you to the Colosseum! It is probably one of the most famous ancient buildings in the whole world. Every day thousands of tourists come to admire its magnificent look. Once you stand next to it blows you away by history.

The Flavian Amphitheatre

Guide with tourists on segways at colosseum in Rome Italy

Discussing the structure of Colosseum when having a break on a Segway Tour

Did you know that originally the building wasn’t called the Colosseum but the Flavian Amphitheatre? That’s because it was built by the Flavian dynasty. Right next to the building there was an enormous statue of the emperor Nero. The statue was 29 metres high and Romans called it “real colossus”. That’s why they started to call this amphitheatre the Colosseum. Remember there are more ancient Romans arenas but the Colosseum is the only one.


The construction

The Colosseum was finished in 80 AD. It took them only 8 years to build this arena. Keep in mind that they didn’t have any computers for the plans nor any modern machines. All around the building, there were wooden sticks. They used them to cover the arena with huge pieces of cloth to protect the audience from the sun. Nowadays we can say that their culture and knowledge was at a really high level, right?

The seating order

The capacity was up to 50 000 visitors. All around the building, there were 60 entrances. All the seats had a strict order. The more important you were the closest to the arena you sat. There was a special part of the emperor and his family. Close to the arena were seats for senators and significant Romans. The last floors on the top were for women and slaves.

Gladiators fights

Training school for gladiators next to Colosseum in Rome

Ruins of the largest gladiators training school of imperial Rome is located right next to Colosseum. Behind the Ludus Magnus school is situated Gay Street of Rome

Have you seen the movie, Gladiator? Consider that the Colosseum hosted not only famous gladiator fights but also theatre plays, fighting with wild animals, executions or battles of ships called NAUMACHIE. The animals were from all parts of the Roman empire. The audience could see elephants, lions, tigers, bears, wolfs and many other species.

They executed many Christians during their persecution in the early age of Christianity. The most popular ways of killing them were the crucifying or wild animals ate them.

Todays Gladiators

When loitering around the Colosseum you can get trapped quite easily. Once you take a picture with one of the gladiators there, they will be very pushy and annoying just to get some money from you. We also recommend you not to buy the “favourable” tickets from the sellers in the streets. Although they offer you the skip the line ones you will end up waiting in the regular line with other tourists for sure. It is always better to buy the tickets online in advance or at official resellers.

The missing parts

View of Colosseum from Colle Oppio

Colle Oppio offers one of the best views of Colosseum

Unfortunately, nowadays we can’t see it in its whole beauty. First of all, it got destroyed by earthquakes. The stones were also reused to build palaces, churches o hospitals. Therefore the building lost a little of its impressiveness. Certainly, it will still get you the goosebumps on your skin once you stand next to it.

Night lights

If you don’t fancy crowds around the sights you might enjoy our night tour more. All the sights, including the Colosseum, look beautiful and totally different by night. It might be also easier for you to imagine the soul of the place it used to have back in its famous years.