• March 19, 2020

COVID-19 in Rome, Coronavirus travel news

COVID-19 in Rome, Coronavirus travel news

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This blog brings you current information about travel situation to Rome caused by Covid-19 epidemy. We bring you quick update on the situation in Rome week by week , so you can decide if your trip to Rome is safe.

Since 11th March 2020 Rome has been in quarantine. How does daily life look after these restrictions? Read our blog on the coronavirus quick update on Rome!

COVID-19 Restrictions in Rome

A dog walking on the Spanish steps of empty Rome because of the Coronavirus COVID-19 lock down

Because the coronavirus lockdown the whole Rome is empty. The only living soul on the Spanish steps is a dog.

Nowadays, because of the Coronavirus,  you can leave your home only for urgent reasons. you can go to buy food. Italians are allowed to commute to work however most of the companies sent their employees on the home office. You can walk your pet for its daily needs. These exceptions for leaving the house are even more strict. Only one person from the family or household can leave the home at a time. You shouldn’t leave the borders of your neighbourhood when going out. Every time you have to have a fair statement with you. On this piece of paper, you have to write down the reason why you left your house. Police and the army can stop you in the street and ask you for this statement. If you don’t have it they can fine give you a fine.

Stores and pharmacies

The only stores which are still open for the public in Rome are groceries and pharmacies. Of course, there are some rules which everyone has to follow. They admit an only certain amount of people to enter the store at a time. To protect yourself and the others from the Coronavirus, you have to use hygienic gloves when you enter the store in Rome. The one-use gloves are prepared for all customers at the entrance. Due to the maximum capacity of people who can enter the store, there is always a queue of people waiting in line in front of the stores.
Empty corridor in a supermarket in Rome during the COVID-19 pandemy

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, there is limited access to the supermarkets in Rome


However everyone needs to supply their families with food, everything is well organised here. The queues are not very long and it takes you a few minutes to get inside. It feels like you had the whole space for your private use only:)! There is no lack of any products in the stores. There is really no need for panic that you might be hungry:)!

Restaurants and Bars

After 11th March Coronavirus caused tat nothing operates on daily base anymore in Rome. They had to close all the restaurants and bars because of public gathering. Home delivery in many of the restaurants still operates. Once you get bored with cooking at home you can always order something from your favourite restaurant. It is quite a good idea to do it from time to time. That’s how you can support these place at least a little. For sure many of them, won’t be able to open again after the coronavirus. They don’t earn anything now but they still have to pay for rents and energies.


Man in the anti coronavirus mask at home in Rome

It is not compulsory to wear masks in Italy but so far it is the best way to protect yourself and the others from COVID-19

Public transport and taxis are still operating. On buses in Rome, there are some COVID-19 rules everyone has to follow. You can’t use the front door for example. That is because they need to protect and isolate the drivers from the coronavirus. There are not many people on board since you shouldn’t leave your house now. Everyone sits separately with a face mask or at least a scarf around mouths and noses.

Let’s hope that everyone follows these regulations That’s the only way how to get rid of the coronavirus soon in Rome. The situation is changing every day. We have been in total quarantine in Italy for a week now. It is really difficult to find some activities at home not to have time to think about COVID-19. Everyone hopes to go out and travel soon. We can’t wait to have you on our Segway tours in Rome soon!