• June 14, 2018

Pincio – Pincian Hill

Pincio – Pincian Hill

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You might be surprised how hilly the city is. The legend says that they built ancient Rome upon 7 hills. Although Pincio is not one of these seven, it is still worth visiting. It takes its place above Piazza del Popolo.

Villa Borghese

VIlla Borghese takes its place in a park with the same name at the Pincio Hill

One of the parks in Rome on Pincio Hill takes its name after the Renaissance summer house Villa Borghese

On the Pincio hill, there is one of the most famous Roman’s parks. They call it Villa Borghese. Not only tourists but also locals come here for walks on sunny weekends. There is a special part of the park where you can leave your dog without a leash. If you fancy sports, you will definitely enjoy this place. You can find many places here for different kinds of sport’s activities. This place is also quite cool for a nice picnic and loitering around after all-day-long walking and discovering Rome.

The lake

Is it too hot for you in the city? Try to rent a boat at an artificial lake. they call this place Laghetto di Villa Borghese. You have to go a little further from the Pincian terrace.  After crossing the road, at your left side, there will be another part of the park surrounded by a fence. No worries, you can enter this part as well. There you can find the lake with its beautiful little temple in the middle. It tempts everyone for a few minutes of romance on a boat, right?:)

The viewpoint

People sitting at the terrace in Villa Borghese on the top of Pincio Hill admiring stunning view of Rome

The best view of Rome is from Pincio Hill

Since we are talking about a hill, there are many beautiful views from there of course. One of the best is from the Pincio terrace. It is situated right above Piazza del Popolo. From this terrace, you can see not only the square below but also, for example, the Vatican. You can serve the whole country with its surrounding walls. On the right side, you can see a planetarium and parts of Olympic village. Rome hosted the Olympic games there in summer 1960. On the left, you can try to cunt how money churches you can see from here:)! Google says there are more than 900 churches in Rome. How many did you count from Pincio:)?

Zoo or Gallery?

What else can you find in the park? There are many places to explore and one day won’t be enough! There is a zoo, where you can take your kids after they get bored of all the ruins in Rome. On Pincio in Villa Borghese gallery, you can admire large collections of different kinds of arts. Check out which exhibition is going on there right now:)! There are also many statues, busts, fountains and other hidden gems here in Pincio:)!

Pincio parks in Italy

When Rome became the capital city of Italy, they renamed parks in other cities after Pincio. They all had to have beautiful views and roads for nice walks. They decided to do ti as the wanted to celebrate Rome finally becoming the capital. It became also a symbol of something that you really wished for but you had to wait for a long time fo it.  You can find these parks for example in Ancona, Bologna, Assisi, Perugia, Urbino etc.

Views at night

Family on Segways taking picture on Pincio Hill in Rome

This viewpoint on Pincio Hill is an amazing place for pictures on Segways

This place is really beautiful also at night time. The city gets totally different vibe as it gets dressed in the dark. You can buy a bottle of prosecco, prosciutto or mozzarella and climb up to the park. There you can find a green bench or a hidden place in the lawns. There is always someone playing some musical instruments and singing. It is also quite useful here in summer evenings because the grass is not that heat up as the ground in the city. You can finally have a little break from exploring the city during the day. Try to enjoy the taste and atmosphere of a real Italian evening:)!