• June 14, 2018

Roman Forums

Roman Forums

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From Piazza Venezia begins the Via Dei Fori Imperiali. They built this large venue in 1932. It is cutting through the ruins of the Roman Forums from which it takes its name. At the end of this street, you can see the famous Colosseum.

Julius Caesar

Statue of Julius Caesar in Roman Forum in Rome

At Roman Forum along with the Via dei Fori Imperiali street stand statues of all Roman Emperors

Probably the most famous roman emperor of all times started to build his forum in 46 BC. After his death, it was his nephew, emperor Augustus, who finished the fora. It was the first of so-called Imperial Forums. They built it with the spoils of victory from the Gallic Wars. This Forum was later expanded by Trajan, who added the Basilica Argentaria.

The Trajan’s Forum

Emperor Trajan decided to build this forum to commemorate his victory over the Dacians. He wanted to build a forum which would surpass all other forums in splendour and scale. He entrusted the project to the great architect Apollodorus f Damascus. By cutting away a good portion of the base of Quirinal hill, an area twice the size of the existing fora was created. Trajan’s Forum became the most admired place in the ancient city.


There are a few spots at Roman Forums where you can refill your bottle of water. Once you see a green stand you can refresh yourself there. You can choose between still and sparkling water from a tap. They are still using the ancient water system to bring to water from the mountains. You don’t have to be afraid of drinking the water from all the fountains in the city. It is super fresh and super clean. Just try not to drink water from the Trevi Fountain and the Turtle fountain in Jewish Ghetto. The water there is still circulating and they use some chemicals to keep this beautiful fountains clean:)!

Riding Segway at Colosseum in Rome Italy

Clients taking pictures and having fun on Segway at Colosseum

The Tickets

Welcome to the ancient part of the city. This area used to be the downtown of ancient Rome. All the markets, temples, governmental and other public buildings were situated here. Roman Forums give you an amazing historical feeling once you enter them. You can admire ancient columns, arches of victory and other rests of ancient buildings. To enter this zone you have to buy a ticket. We recommend you to buy it online. In this case, you will avoid the long lines at the cash desks. Once you buy the ticket To the Roman Forums you will also be able to enter the Colosseum which stands right next to the Forums.

The Metroline

Have you noticed all the scaffolding supporting the ancient ruins in this area? They are here to support the ruins because Italians are working on the new metro line under this area. Since they’re are working down three the ground is shaking, They don’t want this ruins to fell apart again. That is why they decided to support them. It is has been taking quite a long time since they started. The problem is that every time they dig they discover something ancient. They have to wait for permission from the archaeologists to start digging again. Once the metro is finished they will open a public gallery in the vestibule of the metro. Then you will be able to see all the layers of the history which are still hidden under the ground nowadays.

Forums at Night

Ruins of Roman Forum at night

Across the street from the Roman Forums, you can admire the beauty of Imperial Forum where you can also find Trajan’s Column

Roman Forums are full of tourists all day long. Do you prefer fewer crowds? Join us on our night tour on Segways. You can admire all the beauties of the Roman Forums at night. All the monuments here are beautifully lit up. You can absorb its beauties in peace when there are no crowds around you. Our guides will tell you about some of the secrets and mysteries which are all around here in this area!