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Treasure Hunt

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About E-scooter Treasure hunt
The story

We are in Rome, beginning of the twenty-first century, a new pope must be elected. The Catholic Church is at a sensitive time, without a guide. All the Cardinals from the 4 corners of the world come to the Eternal City. What was once the center of the world is under attack, 3 cardinals are kidnapped and killed well as the new pope is in danger.

Find the murder

A task force tries to figure out who is behind these actions against the possible new popes. The kidnappings and murders occur in some of the most evocative places in Rome, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Navona, and even the Vatican is not a safe place. At the end of the new pope is elected but nevertheless is in danger. Follow the footstep of crime and find out who is the mastermind of these actions.

How it works

This competitive game is based on a quest that leads teams through open town squares, narrow streets and along old, dreary churches. The contestants have two (or more) hours to find as many answers as possible with the help of the clues, while using a map, camera (not provided) and their own wits and intuition.

Play in teams

The participants are divided into teams. Each team receives a map with the marked places and riddles. The team must work together to create a strategy for reaching the end as quickly and effectively as possible, and then heads into the city! Each team must always take a photo at the given place and it must answer the riddle.

Who is the winner?

The team with the most correct answers and photos has the right to be the first to guess what the lost object is and where it is located. Moreover, this story as well as all of the clues are intertwined with another well-known fairy tale. The winning team must therefore also correctly identify this notoriously well-known story.

  • 3 hours E-Scooter rent (including safety training)
  • Young skilled assistant
  • Game equipment
  • Anyone over 120 Kg (260 lbs.)
  • Anyone younger than 8 years
  • Pregnant women
  • Under the influence of alcohol and other addictive drugs
Every participant will be asked to sign a disclaimer of liability

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