• March 6, 2020

Segway for kids

Segway for kids

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How not to make a visit to a city boring for your kids? We guess they don’t fancy the museums at all, right:)! They may love Rome as a foreign city of course. But let’s admit children can get bored after a few days when seeing just the ruins everywhere:D! What about doing something little bit more crazy experience with them? Something that also you as parents might enjoy! Best segway for kids tour? Let’s try the Segway Grand City Tour!

Gladiators and Ice cream

A kid with a helmet with his parents on the segway tour

Segway turns the boring city sightseeing of Rome into a big fun!

On our tours, we will take you to all the main sights of the city. We try to make the tour interesting and funny also for the youngest participants! Our guides will tell them stories about brave gladiators and powerful emperors, legends about secrets places and buildings and also some good tips for the best ice cream in town!

Use of Segways

Do you think it will be difficult for your children to ride a Segway? Trust us it won’t. Kids are able to use the Segways within few moments. It takes them definitely less time to learn how to ride it then to you:D! Kids have usually fewer problems with balance than adults. We have had already many little clients on tour with us. It was always super easy for them to use Segways. To be sincere, in the end, they were helping their parents not to be scared and tensed on Segways :). And it`s lot of fun for kids to ride segway!

Age restriction

Wooden pinocchio in front of a toy store in Rome

Make a photo as Pinocchio, the legendary italian wooden man.

Have you noticed the drivers here in Rome? It looks like there were no rules in driving, right? They never stop at the crossings when you are about to cross the road. They park cars wherever there is a free spot. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of crossroads or at the pavements:)! For us, the safety of our clients comes first on our tours. Following Italian laws, the kid on Segway must be at least 12 years old. We might be the only ones who follow the rules on roads here. But it is very important to us:)! If your kid is more then 12, we will be happy to have him/her on tour with us. Our guides will do their best for the safety of your children:)

Weight restriction

There is also a weight restriction when using Segways. The rider must have at least 35 Kg. It is approximately 77 lbs. When someone is not heavy enough, Segway can shut down in some situations. We take the safety of our clients very seriously on our tours. That’s why we are quite strict with this weight limit. If your kid is less then 35 Kg we will be happy to have you on tour next time when you come to Rome:)!

Family with 2 kids in front of Colosseum during the segway tour in RomeSafety on Tour

As we mentioned previously the safety of our clients is in first place for us. In case you decide to do the segway tour with your kids we try to provide them with special care of course. We have special helmets just for kids. The children look super cute with the helmets on:)! Also, on the tour, our guide keeps the youngest participants right behind him. It makes it easier for the guide to be 100% sure the kids on segway  are fine.

We are pretty sure your whole family will enjoy the tour on Segways. When the tour finishes, not only the children usually want to get off the Segways:)! It is three hours of fun riding down the streets of this beautiful old city. It will be an experience to remember for all of you! We are looking forward to having you on tour with us:)!