Segway with History of Rome 3D Show

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4 hours / 16,1 km

Min 1 / Max 13

90 €

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About the segway tour with the Time machine 3D show

Rome: 3000 years of history, legends, art!

How was the life then, the food, favorite activities? How was Rome transformed during the Christian age? Why some buildings survived and some not?

  • Experience a 3D virtual tour of history of Rome from the beginning to nowadays!
  • We go criss cross Rome until you get perfect overview of the city.
  • We will show you the “BEFORE & AFTER” images of ancient buildings and how they were transformed during the Cristian age.
  • We will tell you stories you wouldn’t find in the guide books.

All the Must See Attractions in Rome on Segway in 3 hours

Our half day trip of Rome starts in the heart of the City, close to Piazza Navona, former athletic stadium of Domizian, later playground of christian festivities, nowadays one of the most beautiful squares of Europe. Among the Rome attractions changed during the time you will see Angel’s Castle, former Mauzoleum of Hadrian, later papal fortress and prison or Pantheon, former temple of all gods, later church and thumb of Raffael.

From Colosseum to the Vatican

We don’t miss all the Must see in Rome, Colosseum, Roman Forums or Vatican. But the tour of Rome wouldn’t be complete without Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps or Campidoglio.

To discover Rome isn’t only about the historical sights. We give you tips for best gelato in the city, where to eat good pasta where to try best pizza and which wine goes well together with best Roman dishes.

Back in time thanks to a 3D virtual tour of history of Rome

After the tour we take you to a 1 hour 3d virtual experience of history of Rome. This 3d Rome Tour is composed by a retrospective of four main sights of Rome: Forum of Augustus, St. Peter’s Basilica, Angel’s Castle and Imperial Forums. Thanks to a 3D technology you will see all the changes during the years like you were travelling in time.

The second part is a 30 minutes cinema projection of history of Rome from the very beginning to nowadays.

  • 3 hours Segway rent (+ 30 minutes safety training)
  • Young skilled tour leader
  • Ticket for the Time Machine Show
  • Anyone over 120 Kg (260 lbs.)
  • Anyone younger than 12 years
  • Pregnant women
  • Under the influence of alcohol and other addictive drugs
Every participant will be asked to sign a disclaimer of liability

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