• April 26, 2019

Trajan’s Column

Trajan’s Column

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This triumphal column takes it places in Trajan’s Forum. The story on the column celebrates Trajan’s victory in the Dacians War. This masterpiece was finished in 113 AD. Sometimes people call it ancient comics due to its detailed explanation of the story. Join us on the tour and we will show you this beautiful neighbourhood of Piazza Venezia, Quirinal hill and Roman Forums:)!


Detail of Trajan's Column in Rome

Emperor Trajan around 101 AD in the middle of the Roman war with a Dacian nation on Trajan’s Column

Trajan’s column itself is more than 30 meters high. If you consider also the large pedestal the height gets to 35 meters. It consists of 12 massive drums made of marble from Carrara. Each drum weights around 12 tuns and is approximately 3.7 metres wide. Inside the column, there is a staircase of 185 steps. It takes you to the viewpoint on the top. Nowadays people unfortunately cant enter this staircase. Let’s admit you wouldn’t expect these steps inside, right:)?

The statue

Whose statue do you think you see on the top of the column? It is a statue of St. Peter. They put the bronze statue there in  1587. Before that, there was a statue of the emperor Trajan. Unfortunately, it disappeared in Middle age and none knows what had happened with it. Before Trajan’s statue, there was probably another statue. A sculpture of an eagle. You can see this scene in some ancient coins.

The Comics

Another detail of Trajan's Column in Rome

This detail on Trajan’s Column describes Roman army crossing the Danube on a floating bridge made from wooden boats

Let’s have a look at the story described in the Trajan’s column. As mentioned before it describes Trajan’s was with Dacians. This country took its place in nowadays Romania. If you unfolded the frieze and put it in line it would be 190 metres long. It goes around the column 23 times from base to the capital. You can see there 2 662 different figures. Emperor Trajan himself is there 58 times:)!


The story in the column is very detailed. It helps us to imagine better how life in ancient Rome looked like. It documents the arms, art and costumes of the Romans and Dacians. You can find there a story of a bridge, which was built by Trajan. Then you can see there many fortresses which he had attacked and the camps that he had destroyed.

What is around

View of Trajan's Column Imperial Forum

Trajan’s Forum with Trajan’s Column is a part of Imperial Forum between Colosseum and Piazza Venezia

Very little remains of the great buildings which surrounded the column. One of them was the Basilic Uplia. Romans used this building as a Hall of Justice. You can also see a few ruins of the Greek and Latin libraries here and also a temple. This temple was dedicated to Trajan himself. There are many benches around this area. There you can relax and absorb the beauties of these places. Try to imagine how everything looked before. They were quite amazing with the architecture, right:)?

The first shopping mall

The column takes its place in Trajan’s Forum. This project was designed by Apollodorus of Damascus. Before they started, they had to remove a good portion of the base of the Quirinal hill. Did you notice the semi-circle building behind the column? It used to be the markets. Due to its structure, there were more levels on which vendors were selling their goods. It kind of looked like nowadays shopping centres. The only thing which was missing there were the escalators:)! We can say Trajan’s Forum became the most admired place in the city!

Forums at night

Ruins of Roman Forum at night

Across the street from the Roman Forum you can admire beauty of Imperial Forum where you can also find Trajan’s Column

Do you prefer fewer crowds and stunning views of lit-up monuments? Therefore, let us take you there on one of our night tours! You will be blown away by the atmosphere of this place at night. Everything calms down and you can enjoy these places in the piece. If we have enough time we will also take you to the viewpoint at the Capitol hill. From there you can see the whole Roman Forums also with the Colosseum at the very end. It is definitely one of our favourite place in the city:)!