• June 14, 2018

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

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How many coins are you going to throw in this beautiful baroque Trevi fountain? One coin promises you returning to Rome. Two coins ensure you to come back and fall in love. Three coins mean to come back, fall in love and get married in Rome.  Therefore, more than 3000 Euro is daily in the fountain. What do you think Italy does with this money:)? Let us take you there on one of our tours and we can discuss this question together:)!


Trevi Fountain in Rome in the morning without tourists

Trevi Fountain is the most famous fountain in Rome

Nicolo Salvi gave the final touch to the Trevi fountain in 1735 under Pope Clement XII. The structure began a century previously, in 1641, by John Lorenzo Bernini. It consists of the facade of a large palace decorated with statues and bas-reliefs on rocks. All around the pool, there are many places to sit and enjoy the view of this masterpiece. Due to the thousands of tourist who come daily to see the fountain, you won’t be able to enjoy it in peace. unless you come here early in the morning on your way from some Italian wine bar:)!

The Composition

The theme of the whole composition is the sea. A large statue of the ocean in the middle dominates the fountain. There are two more significant statues. One represents health the other one abundance. These three statues are delimited with four ancient pillars. They all take their place o

Triton with horses on the Trevi Fountain

Triton with sea horses announcing with the sound of mussels the arrival of the Oceanus at Trevi Fountain

n a majestic piece of a cliff. At the bottom of the Trevi fountain, there is a huge pool. Water is coming in it from many parts of the fountain.

The Name

“Tre vie” in Italian means three streets. That’s most probably from where the name of the fountain comes. Because three streets meet here in Piazza Trevi.

Fontana in Movies

Have you seen the movies La Vita é Bella or Roman Holidays with lovely Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck? In Roman Holidays you can see a few kids climbing up the statues and rocks of the fountain and playing in the pool. This experience must have been really amazing. Unfortunately, it won’t happen again. Unless you wanted to get a big fine:D!

Tourists Traps

Papal symbol on the Trevi Fountain in Rome

Papal symbol of Urban VIII is kind of patron`s signature on the baroque street art at Trevi Fountain

Restaurants around the Trevi fountain are very nice. It tempts you to have dinner there and get some local atmosphere. Be careful, there many tourist traps in this area:)! Rome lives from tourism and not all the places are fair to the tourists here:)! First of all, before you go to some restaurant, check how much the “coperto” is. It is like a service fee. They charge you this amount in every Italian restaurant when you want to eat there. Normally it should be 1-3 Euros per person. This is normal everywhere in Italy. In these tourist traps, they can charge you up to 25% of your bill for this coperto! Check always the menu before you go to eat somewhere. The amount for the coperto must be written there.

You can also get some interesting tips from our guides on your tour! They all live here and for sure they will recommend you some hidden non-touristic gems with delicious local meals!:)