• June 14, 2018

Trinità Dei Monti

Trinità Dei Monti

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This church of Trinità dei Monti takes its place on the top of the Spanish steps. The landscape of this place gets really beautiful, especially in the spring season. They cover the steps with thousands of flowers and it gets a colourful and unique atmosphere. Once we arrive on our Segway tour at the Spanish steps, we will let you climb up them to see this church closer:)! Unfortunately, the Segways are not able to climb the steps with you:). A little exercise never killed anybody, right:)?

The Church

Church of Trinità dei Monti above the Spanish Steps in Rome

In front of the church, Trinità dei Monti stands one of 8 Egyptian obelisks here in Rome

The first part of Trinità Dei Monti was built between 1502 and 1509 in gothic style. It looks like the church with its two cupolas was trying to reach the sky above. In front of its facade, there is an obelisk. They removed it here from Sallustian gardens in 1789. Inside the church, you can admire the masterpiece of Daniele da Volterra. It is the famous fresco of the Descent from the Cross.

Behind the door

Trinità Dei Monti is one of five francophone churches here in Rome. They hold the messes mostly in French here for all the French catholic ex-pats who live in Rome. The church is worth visiting also thanks to its interior. Of course, there are more than 900 hundred other churches in the city. Let’s admit this one is one of the less decorated churches here in Rome. That’s probably because of its gothic style inside. They didn’t decorate the interiors as much as the did later in the baroque period.

View towards Via Condotti

View of Spanish Steps and Via Condotti from the church of Trinità dei Monti

Via Condotti assumes its name after the aqueduct underneath. In the picture, you see not only the street but also Spanish Steps from the square of Trinità dei Monti

From the terrace in front of Trinità Dei Monti, you can admire the Spanish Steps from a different angle. It ends in Piazza Spagna, where you can see the famous fountain called Barcaccia. In front of the Spanish steps, there is the most expensive city in Rome. It is full of luxurious boutiques. Also, the apartments in this are the most expensive one in the whole city:)!

Villa Medici

Villa Medici takes its place on the right side of  Trinità Dei Monti on the Pincio hill. It is the highest point in Rome. Galileo Galilei, the famous Italian astronomer, stayed here in 1633 as a guest of Ferdinando Medici. Since 1803 is the seat of the French Academy in Rome.

European first turkey

Numerous ancient bas-reliefs including a pair of garlands from the Ara Pacis decorate the internal facade of Villa Medici. In the gardens, of the Villa Medici, you can find there a beautifully decorated aviary for birds. When they brought the first turkey to Europe, they held it right in this aviary:)! Jacopo Zucchi, an Italian painter, decorated it this place with stunning frescos.

The Polish Queen

Not only Napoleon’s Mother in Palazzo Bonaparte in Piazza Venezia but there was another noble lady who liked to pass her days on the balcony of her palace. Her name was Maria Casimira. She was the former queen of Poland. She lived in Palazzo Zuccari. It is the building in the square of Trinità Dei Monti at the cross of Via Sixtina and Via Gregoriana. After getting permission to adjust the balcony to the palace she could admire the beauties of the city from there.

Tourist Traps

Detail of church Trinità dei Monti near Spanish Steps in Rome

Trinità dei Monti is a French church in Rome

The area around Trinità Dei Monti and the Spanish Steps is considered to be the most expensive one in the city. There are also many tourists traps waiting for you:). In the Italian restaurants, they always charge you the “coperto”. It is kind of a service fee. Normally it is from one to three Euros per person. In these traps, they can charge you up to 25% of the bill per person for this coperto. Always check it before you decide to have lunch or dinner in one of many restaurants in this neighbourhood. The price of the coperto must be written there. That’s just our personal recommendation from us not to spend a fortune when visiting this city:)!