• June 14, 2018

Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese

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Villa Borghese is of the most beautiful parks in Rome. You can have a picnic there, walk in the shade of trees, visit some cultural event or play with your kids in some of the playgrounds. We can take you there on tour with us. In this case, you avoid climbing up the steep hill cos Segways will do this work for you:)!

Borghese Museum and Gallery

VIlla Borghese, view from the gardens

The biggest park of rome has it`s name after the Renaissance villa of the family Borghese

Immediately after the election of election Paolo V Borghese as pope, he made his young nephew Scipione a cardinal. The pope also entrusted Scipione with the care of the art collection and cultural treasures of the pontifical court. With the help of other people, Cardinal Scipione created the park and built the Casino Borghese. They also call this building Villa Pinciana. Nowadays there is the site of the Borghese Museum and Gallery.

Visits by Reservation

The Gallery has opened to the public again in 1997. The visits are possible only after previous reservation. It gets quite busy, especially in the summer season. There is a limited amount of visitors, who can daily visit this museum in Vill Borghese park. We recommend you to book this ticket in advance to make sure, you will be able to see its interesting exhibitions.

Zoo and Lake

Lake with a temple inside of the park Villa Borghese

The best way to spend hot days in Rome is by the lake in Villa Borghese

What else can you see in Villa Borghese? One of the most romantic corners of this beautiful park is an artificial lake with its beautiful surroundings and decorations. You can actually rent there a little boat and enjoy a few romantic moments:)! If you visit the park with your kids, they might be interested in visiting the Zoo. It is not the biggest one in the world but due to its location in the city centre. However, it is definitely worth visiting thanks to the beautiful pens with many different animal species.


Do you consider yourself an active person? Villa Borghese offers you many places for your work out. You can actually go jogging here, find a few straight roads for sprints. You can also use one many bench here to exercise on. Or you can just lay down your roll mat on the grass and do some yoga or meditation:)!


Did you take your pet on holidays with you? In Villa Borghese, you can enjoy long and calm walks with your four-legged friend. There is also a dog valley close to the Gallery Borghese. You can leave there your dog without its leash. Your pet can finally get rid of its energy when playing with many fellows there:)! Trust us, after an hour of playing with other dogs, your dog will be tired enough to let you enjoy a glass of prosecco in peace in one of the cosy patios in the park:)!


View of Rome from Villa Borghese and Pincio hill

Terrace of pincio offers splendid views of Rome and one of most stunning sunset views of Rome.

In Villa Borghese, there is also one of the most beautiful views of the city. They call this spot Pinco. It takes its place above Piazza del Popolo. From there you can see a big part of Rome and also the City of Vatican with its large walls which surround the whole country. Thanks to the popularity of this place there are also bars on wheels where you can refresh yourself. You can see there also many street artists with different kinds of performances. You can also enjoy the view when listening to some of the street musicians playing not only Italian songs there:)!

City Lights

This place gets really quiet at night. It tempts you to climb up the hill with a bottle of Italian prosecco. You can sit there on a wall and enjoy the atmosphere of the nightlife of this lively city. The landscape with all the lights of the churches, palaces and other monuments is really an unforgettable experience. Are you too lazy to climb up the hill by yourself? Let us take you the on Segways with us. It will definitely make the access easier for you:)!