• April 26, 2019

Vittoriano – Victor Emmanuel II Monument

Vittoriano – Victor Emmanuel II Monument

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Vittoriano is the monument of Victor Emmanuel II. He was the first king of unified Italy. It raises from the foot of the Capitol hill, facing Piazza Venezia. Due to its monumentality, it became one of the most remarkable buildings in the city. It is quite a cool place for pictures on Segways:)! Our guides will take it for you to have some nice memories from this place!:)

The Structure

Vittoriano, museum of Risorgimento and thumb of unknown soldier situated in Piazza Venezia in Rome

Vittoriano, also known as Altar of the Fatherland or Memorial of victims of WWII – all this is the Monument of Victor Emmanuel II

Vittoriano was designed by Giuseppe Sacconi. It was inaugurated on 4 June 1922. It is three levels of a high building with many statues and decorations. There is a facade made of copy of ancient columns. It fits really sensitively to the landscape of Roman Forums. You can enter this building for free during the day. There are beautiful views from the terraces around the building. Due to its white colour, it is quite a friendly place for your Instagram pictures:D!

Toast in the horse

The main statue in the middle of the monument is the statue of Victor Emmanuel II. When they finished the building they invited 22 workers for a toast to celebrate it. This event took its place in the body of the horse. Are you surprised:)? Although it doesn’t look the statue it that big, it really happened there. After this event, they sealed the belly f the horse. Nowadays it is impossible to get inside of course. You can see photography from this even in the museum inside the Vittoriano:)!

Unknown soldier

Vittoriano, Altar of the Fatherland with soldiers and eternal fir

Soldiers guarding the thumb of an unknown soldier at Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia in Rome

Below the horse, you can see a place with fire. This fire never ends and it is protected with two soldiers on the sides. Behind this fire, there is a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It has been a part of this monument since 1921.


Have you ever heard this expression before? Do you know the meaning? It is a word for unification. Did you know that Italy is quite a new country? It was established only in 1861. Before it was divided into more kingdoms. The unification process began with the revolution in 1848. Rome became the capital city of the Kingdom of Italy later in 1870.  In Vittoriano you can visit an interesting exhibition which is dedicated to this famous and important historical event.

The Lifts

There are two lifts made of glass in the back part of the Vittoriano.  The lifts are going up to the top of the monument. From there you can enjoy a breathtaking 360° view of the city. In particular, you can admire Capitoline Hill, Colosseum, Roman Forums, Jewish Ghetto and beautiful landscape of the mountains when the visibility is clear. Of course, there are many tourists who want to enjoy this experience. Because there are only two lifts the line tends to be quite long. It is definitely worth going there because of the view. We promise you won’t regret your time in queue nor 10 Euros admission fee.

The Names

The Victor Emanuele II National Monument is the official name of this building. Although you can here many other names and people will still talk the same building. Sometimes Italians call it Altare Della Patria. It means the Altar of the Fatherland. The monument got this name in 1921 when they placed there the remains of the unknown soldier.

A kiss on Segway in front of Vittoriano in Rome at night

Vittoriano belongs to one of the most romantic places in Rome

The most common name is Vittoriano. It doesn’t take you an eternity to call it this way:D! In some tourist guides, you can also read some unofficial names for this building such as the Typewriter or the Wedding Cake

When it gets dark

It is the right time to slowly leave his beautiful monument and continue our tour to other sights of the city. Have you already seen Piazza Venezia at night? Vittoriano has a special atmosphere when it gets dark. The combination of lit up white marble, never-ending fire and shades of the statue make this place really unforgettable. Join us on our night tour and we will share with you more interests and secrets about this place:)!